Video Players that Make Me Crazy!


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Video players have come a long way from the days of a postage stamp that took forever to download and the irrelevant content was the last things that interested you. But I use to wait and wait Eventually those little flickery, blocky images would  amazed me. Yea Baby, Video! Today I develop tons of online video so I thought I would put together a list of things that drive me crazy about modern video players....


1. No Idea how long the video is and no indicator.

2. Takes to long to start, that is just bad encoding!

3. There is no volume control in the video player.

4. Volume is set to a default of high instead of mid or low

5. The video automatically starts playing on page load, so old school unless it is PART of the design.

6. You can’t jump instantly to any given time marker.

7. You can’t easily download the video source (MP4, AVI, etc.)

8. The video restarts itself instead of picking up where I left off.

9. “Share this” code is not auto selected and copied to the clipboard.

10. Player controls are just too damn confusing.


There you have it...I am sure I can think of more but I have to run off to make sure I do not break any of my own rules.

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Matt spent the first 15 years of his career as a TV editor and motion graphic designer. Currently, he combines his marketing savvy and storytelling know-how to develop full cycle media solutions from concept to delivery with an emphasis on web development, media creation, and online video.