Tips For Adding Videos That Sell!


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So, how do you do you create effective sale videos? How do you ensure the videos you add to your site will indeed be effective and help drive sales?

The truth is, as with all marketing tools, there’s no one sure fire method that is guaranteed to always work, but there are quite a few techniques that seem to work fairly well:

1. What products or services should we promote with videos?

Simple. Where you are making most of your money, grow it with video. Seems obvious, but many of our clients want to promote less popular products but I suggest; first grow products that are already popular to really get the best bang for your initial video marketing efforts.

2. Less is More!

The truth is that your online audience has a very short attention span. Ideally you should keep your product videos to less than one minute long. If your product is especially complex or pricey you might want to extend that by up to 50% however there’s little point in going above 90 seconds. The simple fact is the vast majority of your viewers will simply ignore anything longer…It is better to produce four 90 second videos then one 6 minute video. Much better, as it addresses the attention span, increases SEO, and better measures the effectiveness.

3. Create Two versions, and test them in a A/B approach.

Quite obviously different types of videos perform better for different types of products and different types of demographics. The catch is we can’t always determine which type of video performs best for our products and client base until we’ve tested a few versions – failing to test for impact early can mean leaving substantial potential conversion unrealized. The simplest way to do this is by creating and uploading a few versions of product videos for a limited group in your catalog and monitoring their performance, in terms of conversion rates and purchasing behaviors, in order to determine which yield the best results. Once you feel you’ve accumulated the data you need, pick the best formats and them for the rest of your site’s products. Check out these two product videos

4. Why are caption important in conversion?

Captions within your videos have a surprising effect on click through rates and conversions. Check out these two product videos. Although the only difference between both versions is the red captions in the version on the right, there is a 8.3% difference in their conversion rates. That’s right – merely adding captions to the original video improved its conversions by over 8 percent.

5. Use testimonials to build trust and credibility.

This is the single thing that I personally push the most. I find myself saying; If your target market is 30 year-old-skiers, you should have testimonials from 30 year-old-skiers. Seems simple, but I cannot tell you how many times this is messed up. I have seen large communication companies using actors as testimonial sound bites...really. With the Internet we take this a step further and have the option to have user ratings, user comments and so on. You can increase the ROI from any existing user’s reviews you have by adding them to your videos, as shown in this example from England’s leading online Golf’s retail site (click the “View Video Showreel” beneath the product images).

6. Make sure your video has it's own searchability, and even the content and ideas within the video are searchable.

Research shows people searching your site are twice to three times more likely to make a purchase than those merely browsing. The reason this is so is because searching visitors usually have a clear intent, while browsers are more likely to be casual traffic. A good way to use video to capitalize on the quality traffic using your site’s search engine is by indicating the availability of video within every item’s search results. Indicating an item has video increases the likelihood a user will click to view it, and then buy it.

7. Spread the magic.

Once you have invested in your video assets, increase your ROI and use them in all your marketing activities. Link to them from your email marketing campaigns, upload them to your social media profiles and use them to push your SEO campaigns via proper tagging and deep back links.

Adding video to your site cannot only help improve your sales, it can also be a fun experience for both you and your customers. With the holidays right around the corner, now is the perfect time to add a few select videos to help drive your holiday-season’s promotions. Online video can steer traffic away from your competitors, improve your site’s stickiness AND give you a powerful way to capture more sales during these holidays.

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Matt spent the first 15 years of his career as a TV editor and motion graphic designer. Currently, he combines his marketing savvy and storytelling know-how to develop full cycle media solutions from concept to delivery with an emphasis on web development, media creation, and online video.