What is a Sticky Visual Thingamajig?

A media asset that contains emotional/motivational triggers which foster a more meaningful and longer lasting impression of your product on your demographic in turn Sticking them to the message long enough to call them to action.


How does your visuals control and compel action? Does it penetrate the consciousness? Does it stir a feeling that leads to a deeper impression. How do you get the attention of a person who is supposed to be inspired, and motivated by your message?


A few words and descriptions without the visual hook will not draw attention.


WHEW, now that I got the above "serious stuff" out of the way, much of how we approach comes from methodologies used in developing television advertising and direct response that have been tested effective for a decade. After-all that is how we made our living for years.


Engaging emotional based "stories" stay with a viewer far longer then words on a page. In fact, if you are successful in reaching the 'gut' of your prospect they will be motivated to learn more and share your message with others. Like that is the key to YouTube or that documentary that you thought would put you to sleep but only to change your whole life perspective and so on...


Marketing Strategies Without Emotion Will Not Work?

THIS FEELS CRAZY but emotion stimulates the mind 3000 times faster than rational thought. It's an emotional world we live in. I know, so a ton of folks in fancy suits say we live in a rational world but nothing could be further from the truth.


For better or worse, emotions drive our behavior; the world is driven by emotions. Rational thought leads customers to be interested and maybe rationalize after the sell but it is emotion that sells. Let's not get hung up in the word emotion because it is not feelings that we are directly after but more of the context of motivation. Sounds crazy to you? The coolest part is turning our skeptical customers into believers.



    Well then… that would be a strong emotional response to a logical assertion, no? But I hear you. Over and over you’re told that people buy according to emotion, and it seems not to make sense when it comes down to selling your stuff. Maybe that’s because you’re thinking about emotion in the context of feelings rather than motivation. And that would definitely be confusing, because it’s not feelings you’re after. In fact, provoking feelings can kill the sale instead of prompting it.


    So, again… the goal is not to get someone to necessarily feel. Your goal is to get someone to want, and to act on that want. If that seems like a subtle difference (since desire can often be a very tangible emotion), well at least now you accept that emotion is driving the train.


    Using the three basic categories of emotional motivation, you should be able to craft the right kind of story to get people to take action. The problem comes when you’re not clear which motivations you’re actually playing to.


    Thinking in terms of motivation makes selling with emotion a little less mysterious. And spending the time to truly know who your prospects are makes motivation crystal clear.

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Matt spent the first 15 years of his career as a TV editor and motion graphic designer. Currently, he combines his marketing savvy and storytelling know-how to develop full cycle media solutions from concept to delivery with an emphasis on web development, media creation, and online video.