Think Twice Before Relying on Web Development Companies to Create your Video Media.

Here we are not just a web development company that can 'do' video, but we are a video production group that specializes in web development. It's like this, are you going to trust the old web development guard to inform you on how to create effective video media, you will need a seasoned, direct response video production partner.


You see, for us it is about crafting the message first, video production, and delivery second, web deployment. We learned this from 20 years of producing long format television shows, short format advertising, corporate and direct response television so we intrinsically know what is necessary to create media that works.


Our approach is direct and uncluttered, processes are streamlined and unnecessary layers are eliminated and surprises are few if at all. We are small and dynamic whereas we can maintain financial and creative control...No large inflated advertising agency here to inflate costs nor a bureaucracy to bog down the creative process. It is the simplest, purist working relationship we can think of.


What Goes Into Producing a 'Sticky' Video?

How does your visuals control and compel action? Does it penetrate the consciousness? Does it stir a feeling that leads to a deeper impression. How do you get the attention of a person who is supposed to be inspired, and motivated by your message?


While everyone knows what a video is, not everyone understands the steps in the production process. This is not our original process but one that has been developed and proven effective for nearly a century. Properly conceived, a good video can tell someone more about a product or service that an entire advertising campaign. But a 'Sticky' video that combines a strong concept with a masterful message captures the essence of a firm, product, or service and relays it powerfully to a specific target audience while motivating and calling them to action.


There are several steps involved in the production of an effective video and without doubt planning is the most important. We say that for every dollar you spend planning in pre-production, you can save five dollars in production and ten dollars in post-production. In essence, the planning stage flattens any learning curve and reduces the opportunity for costly errors.




    This first step is like the broad stroke that defines the goals, the look and feel, a basic breakdown of rough expenses, and time frames. We initiate research to identify market trends and demographic.


    This is when we really outline the blueprint of the video assets. It involves developing the creative concept, scriptwriting, casting, locations, props, contracts, identifying crews, and any other approvals. It requires strong organization and extensive knowledge of several production disciplines. a typical video can take 2-3 weeks to produce after the final script has been agreed to. It is that final script that can take the most time to develop, but is the most important step in deciding cost, production time and effectiveness.


    Involves shooting and directing the actual photography wether on location or in a studio.


    This editing phase and graphic creation phase is when it all comes together. With client involvement, we select the most effective footage, graphics, music, voice narration, sound effects, and any other element to polish the media and ensure effectiveness.


    Often this step is overlooked, but to truly create an effective presentation it is the most vital to look a the site metrics, user feedback, and overall impressions and make appropriate adjutments.

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Matt spent the first 15 years of his career as a TV editor and motion graphic designer. Currently, he combines his marketing savvy and storytelling know-how to develop full cycle media solutions from concept to delivery with an emphasis on web development, media creation, and online video.